Jump Rope Sisters Package


The Jump Rope Sisters Package

What’s included:

x1 10ft Beaded Rope

x1 4.2mm PVC Cord

x1 5mm PVC Cord

x1 Set of Long Handles

x1 Set of Medium Handles

x4 Rope End Clip

You can choose from 4 colour options. Please allow 1-2 working days for them to be made before postage.

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The Jump Rope Sisters Package

We have incorporated all of our most popular ropes into one affordable package.

Why these rope?

  • Beaded rope – Learning all basics and perfecting skills
  • PVC 5mm – Moving on from the beaded rope, speeding up your skills, rope releases, double unders and triples
  • PVC 4.2mm – To build up more speed, faster footwork and skills
  • Medium Handles – All basic skills up to advanced
  • Long Handles – The trickier skills

Please use a mat to stop wear and tear of ropes

Sizing Guide: This is a guide for beginners, once you have perfected your technique you will need to shorten your rope
7ft: 4ft to 4ft 9”
8ft: 4ft 10” to 5ft 3”
9ft: 5ft 4” to 5ft 11”
10ft: 6ft and over”

If you are a more advanced jumper we would recommend no longer than 9ft. Your technique plays a big part in your rope length. Ensure your elbows are in and your wrists are turning the rope. The better your technique, the shorter your rope can be.


Check out our jump rope uk facebook for more info/videos and photos.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Colour Scheme

Jump Rope Sisters, Union Jack, Platinum Jubilee, Pretty Pink