PVC Adjustable Trick Jump Rope


Our PVC Trick Jump Rope comes with a variety of options. Including, 5mm and 4.2mm cord, long, medium or short handles.

Our 5mm cord is a heavier rope option and is used for both speed and freestyle tricks, our 4.2mm cord is our most popular option, as a lighter rope, it is easier to perform tricks and speed events.

The Long handles are mainly used for tricks and freestyle and the medium and short handles are most fitting for both freestyle and speed events.

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The PVC Adjustable Trick Jump Rope has been used by British Champions for years. It has been an important rope with all competitive jump ropers with long/medium/short handles and a lighter/medium cord it gives you a bigger range of movement for the complex tricks and an easier rotation for the more powerful tricks. You can also use this rope for basic skills and speed and double under conditioning.

The PVC cords are best for in door use. You can use them outside, but be wary of the weather, if it is too cold, the cord can snap.

These ropes are for complete beginner to advanced jumpers.

Why this rope? The PVC Trick Jump Rope has a 4.2mm/5mm PVC cord available to allow for an easy rotation that can be sustained for long periods, the hard wearing handle length is designed to help complete more complex skills. These ropes can be used for all types of jumping right from basic jumps to fancy tricks.

Product Specs: 4.2mm and 5mm PVC flexible rope 10ft, Long 205mm, medium 125mm or short 105mm handle length with adjustable clips to change size to suit.

Sizing Guide: This is a guide for beginners, once you have perfected your technique you will need to shorten your rope.
7ft: 4ft to 4ft 9”
8ft: 4ft 10” to 5ft 3”
9ft: 5ft 4” to 5ft 11”
10ft: 6ft and taller

For a beaded freestyle option, go to our beaded rope option.
If you are a more advanced jumper we would recommend no longer than 9ft. Your technique plays a big part in your rope length. Ensure your elbows are in and your wrists are turning the rope. The better your technique, the shorter your rope can be.

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Additional information

Weight 115 g
Handle Size

Long, Medium, Short

Handle Colours

Royal Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Silver, White, Purple, Turquoise

Cord Type

4.2mm, 5mm