23rd March JRUK

the basics - rope length and basic jumping

Tutorial made by Innocent, Please follow him on Instagram: Daktari wa Kamba


  • Try to get the skipper to pretend that they are reaching for their pockets when they reach across their body, as they will cross their arms more, making it easier for them to jump.
  • Make sure they don’t bring their arms up too much as they won’t be able to jump the rope, their arms should be near their waist.
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  • An easy way of getting into the trick.
  • Put your arms in the ‘cross’ position.
  • Whichever arm you have on top, that is the leg that you lift up, for example if your right arm is on top in the cross then your right leg should be raised.
  • You then put your bottom arm in between your legs and underneath your leg that you have lifted.


  • The slower you perform this trick, the easier it is.
  • don't put your first leg down until you have come out of the cross and into the second cross.
Training plan

Speed step with conditioning rope warmup - Black eyed peas, Pump it

1-minute speed with conditioning rope x 3

30 seconds crosses with freestyle ropes - Download the individual score sheet and make a note of score

30 seconds double unders with conditioning rope - Download the individual score sheet and make a note of score

Complete workout 1 or 2 from the following link, the workouts are at the bottom of the page:

Please send any videos for help/tips on whatsapp 07415784182