27th March JRUK



  • Make sure your straddles are not too wide.
  • Keep your arms by your side at all times.
  • Elbows in.
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  • Complete the basic cross first (23rd March beginner trick)
  • As the rope goes under your feet, that is when you go into the cross posititon.
  • Don't lean forward when attempting this trick.
INTERMEDIATE TRICK - Crougar Variations


  • Crougar to cross - The arm that is underneath your leg, is that arm that goes underneath for the cross.
  • Crougar open - Your arms stay in the same position as much as possible throughout, your leg does the movement.
daily workout 1 -                    all abilites


30 seconds of side swings
30 seconds of press ups
30 seconds of crosses
30 seconds of lunges (15 secs on each leg)
30 seconds of forwards jumping
30 seconds of Knee Lifts
45 seconds break
Repeat 3 or 5 times

daily workout 2 -                      more advanced

1 double under
1 cross
2 double unders
2 crosses
3 double unders
3 crosses
4 double unders
4 crosses
All the way up to 10 of each trick, then try and come back down the ladder too

repeat twice



competition training

Speed step with conditioning rope warm up – Only One, Sigala

3 minutes with conditioning rope

30 seconds speed conditioning rope – make a note of your score with score sheets

100 double unders