KS1 – Plan A – Lesson 6


  • Introduce jump rope to children of all ages
  • Ensure the correct techniques are used throughout the lessons
  • Gain confidence with skipping ropes being part of a PE lesson
  • Improve co-ordination and stamina
  • Remember, repeat and link combinations of actions


  • A class set of ropes, we recommend:
  • 30 x 8ft ropes
  • 2-3 x double dutch set
  • 1 x adult rope for the teacher
  • Jump Rope UK Online resources – KS1 A
  • Level 1 basic trick list
  • level 1 basic Certificate, 1 minute challenge certificate


  • Make sure each child has enough space to skip
  • Ensure the children look around them before they attempt to turn the rope
  • Make sure that the children hold the rope up when they are walking with it
  • We recommend that the children tie the ropes around their waist when they are not using it
  • Children must jump on the balls of their feet
  • If you are working on long rope skills, ensure the rope clears the children’s feet adequately. If you don’t think the rope will clear their feet and may trip on the rope, drop the handle of the rope on the floor. This will stop the children from getting the rope caught on their fee
  • Ask all children to face the same direction when skipping, ensuring all ropes go in the same direction, this will make it easier for the teacher to walk around and help the children.

Activity 1 - Practice Makes Perfect

  • Tell the children to stay in their pairs
  • They are now going to practice any of the level 1 basic tricks that were learnt in the first weeks, giving each other tips to improve the tricks:
  • Forwards jumping
  • Backwards jumping
  • Skier
  • Bell
  • Side straddle
  • Forward straddle
  • Speed Step

Activity 2 - 1-minute challenge

  • In their pairs they can take it in turns to see if they can last 1 minute of skipping without stopping. The teacher can time the children.
  • Once they have completed the minute, take a note of the children able to reach 1 minute.

Activity 3 - Long Rope Challenge

  • See how many jumps they can do in a long rope.
  • Two teachers to turn for this. One at a time you can get the children to stand in the middle of the long rope and the teachers can turn the rope around them to see how many jumps they can do. After 6 weeks of skipping, they should have improved stamina to jump in the long rope for 10 or more jumps.


Activity 4 - Certficates

  • Hand out the '1-minute challenge' certificates.
  • Hand out the 'how many jumps in the long rope' certificates filling in their score on the certificate.