KS1 – Plan A – Lesson 5


  • Introduce jump rope to children of all ages
  • Ensure the correct techniques are used throughout the lessons
  • Gain confidence with skipping ropes being part of a PE lesson
  • Improve co-ordination and stamina
  • Remember, repeat and link combinations of actions


  • A class set of ropes, we recommend:
  • 30 x 8ft ropes
  • 2-3 x double dutch set
  • 1 x adult rope for the teacher
  • Jump Rope UK Online resources – KS1 A
  • Level 1 basic trick list
  • level 1 basic Certificate, 1 minute challenge certificate


  • Make sure each child has enough space to skip
  • Ensure the children look around them before they attempt to turn the rope
  • Make sure that the children hold the rope up when they are walking with it
  • We recommend that the children tie the ropes around their waist when they are not using it
  • Children must jump on the balls of their feet
  • If you are working on long rope skills, ensure the rope clears the children’s feet adequately. If you don’t think the rope will clear their feet and may trip on the rope, drop the handle of the rope on the floor. This will stop the children from getting the rope caught on their fee
  • Ask all children to face the same direction when skipping, ensuring all ropes go in the same direction, this will make it easier for the teacher to walk around and help the children.

Activity 1 - Obstacle Courses

• A fun way to end the session is by setting up a mini obstacle course which involves everything they have learnt in the past couple of weeks with skipping ropes.
• You can make your own obstacle course, but here is an example:

1. Jump over the ladders with two feet then move on to the circle – lay ropes out so they resemble ladders on the floor.
2. Jump in and out of the circle from side to side then move on to the next rope – make a circle with one rope at the end of the ladders.
3. Jump with the skipping rope twice then move onto the next ladders - lay a skipping rope on the floor.
4. Hop over the ladders on one foot before running back to the end of the line – lay more ropes out to resemble a ladder.

Activity 2 - Speed Step

  • This is a running step on the spot.
  • Alternative feet touching the ground every jump (You are hopping from one foot to another each time the rope comes around)
  • Feet high enough to clear the rope, making sure your knees come up in front of you instead of flicking behind you.

Activity 3 - SIDE STRADDLE

For this trick it is helpful for the children to try it first without a rope.

  • First your feet go apart in a star jump motion.
  • Then your feet come back together again.
  • This can be done in double bounce, going apart for two and together for two. It is also in single bounce, apart for one, together for one.

Activity 4 - forward straddle

  • First one leg goes in front and the other leg behind. Ensuring that their legs go down at the same time.
  • Then they come back to the middle again.
  • Again, this can be done in single or double bounce, depending on the skipper.


  • For this activity two teachers or one teachers and one child should turn the long rope.
  • Each child will attempt to enter the long rope from standing next to the turner.
  • Place the child next to a turner, turn the rope to the floor and away from the child.
  • Each time the rope hits the floor you should count ‘ready, set, go’ on ‘GO’ the child should run into the middle of the rope and start jumping.
  • They can see how many jumps they can do once they get in there. If you think the child is not confident to run in, ask them to start in the middle like on week 3.