KS1 – Plan A – Lesson 1


  • Introduce jump rope to children of all ages
  • Ensure the correct techniques are used throughout the lessons
  • Gain confidence with skipping ropes being part of a PE lesson
  • Improve co-ordination and stamina
  • Remember, repeat and link combinations of actions


  • A class set of ropes, we recommend:
  • 30 x 8ft ropes
  • 2-3 x double dutch set
  • 1 x adult rope for the teacher
  • Jump Rope UK Online resources – KS1 A
  • Level 1 basic trick list
  • 1-minute challenge certificate, Level 1 basic Certificate


  • Make sure each child has enough space to skip
  • Ensure the children look around them before they attempt to turn the rope
  • Make sure that the children hold the rope up when they are walking with it
  • We recommend that the children tie the ropes around their waist when they are not using it
  • Children must jump on the balls of their feet
  • If you are working on long rope skills, ensure the rope clears the children’s feet adequately. If you don’t think the rope will clear their feet and may trip on the rope, drop the handle of the rope on the floor. This will stop the children from getting the rope caught on their fee
  • Ask all children to face the same direction when skipping, ensuring all ropes go in the same direction, this will make it easier for the teacher to walk around and help the children.

Activity 1 - Puddles

  • Hand a skipping rope to each child.
  • They need to find a space in the hall/playground and sit down in that space.
  • Once everyone has a space and is sat down, ask them to make a circle with their rope around themselves.
  • The children can then stand up in their circles. They have to stay inside their own ‘puddles’ unless stated otherwise.
  • First the children can march on the spot for 30 seconds, then they can bring it to a jog on the spot. (always staying inside their puddles) jog for 30 seconds.
  • Then ask the children to show you as many different types of jumps they can do.

Activity 2 - Rope Length

  • Step on the middle of the rope with both feet together and pull the rope up straight
  • The rope should be anywhere from the top of your waist to your armpits
  • If the rope is too look tie a knot underneath the handle

Activity 3 - Holding the handles

  • Put the big bump on top of the handle facing towards the floor
  • Point your thumb to ceiling
  • Grip the handle
  • Now relax your arms and point your thumbs towards the person in front of you

Activity 4 - Forwards jump

  • Turning the rope over their head (no jumping) they start with their arms by their side, like they are holding a dinner tray; not up by their shoulders. Get them to draw a big circle over their head so the rope lands in front of them. do this a few times to ensure they have the correct turning technique.
  • Turning the rope over their head and one jump. Ensure you use the timing; ready, set, turn and jump. So that they turn their jump rope on the word ‘turn’ and jump over the jump rope on the word ‘jump’. This is so they don’t turn and jump at the same time. do this a few times remember the timing. Remind them to keep their feet together when they jump.
  • Don’t worry if they can’t get it first time. Just keep encouraging good technique and timing.

Activity 5 - backwards jump

  • First step is to turn the rope up and over your head without jumping
  • Now do the same arm movement but jump it once, you can use the same method as the forwards jump; ready, set, turn and jump.
  • Once you have the technique and ensure your arms are low you can see how many jumps you can do

Activity 6 - Skier

  • First you should get the children to find a line on the floor; if there are no lines on the floor then use a rope as a line.
  • You should try this trick without the rope first. Using the line/rope, you jump over it side to side, this is just a small movement.
  • The jumper moves from side to side.
  • This is not a big movement.
  • Ensuring their hands stay close to their body.
  • When using their rope, you can use a line on the floor for them to jump over.

Activity 7 - Snakes

  • You can ask one of the children to turn with you for this activity.
  • The two turners sit on the floor with the children lining up central to the rope and facing the rope.
  • Move the rope on the ground from side to side to form a snake like movement with the rope, ask the children to jump over the ‘snake’ one by one.
  • On the first round they can jump over the ‘snake’ with two feet together.
  • Then they can hop over the rope with one foot.
  • Then for the final time round they can jump over the snake in pairs.